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Bad credit plagues thousands of Americans. Studies have found that about 56% of Americans struggle with the negative consequences of a low credit score. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you’re not alone because the Priority Credit Restoration (PCR) is here to help you repair your credit!

Improving your credit on your own can be very challenging, especially when unscrupulous collections agencies use misleading claims and pressure uninformed consumers to pay unverifiable debts. The PCR team is dedicated to building relationships; we value your time and are committed to establishing strong financial budgets by walking you through the necessary steps to restore your credit.

The journey to a debt-free lifestyle begins now!

About Robert Hughes, Pcr Founder

Entrepreneur Robert Hughes has been a credit repair specialist and financial advisor since 2011.

Priority Credit Restoration was founded by Robert Hughes; a Texas-based entrepreneur turned credit repair specialist and financial advisor. With nearly a decade of experience, Robert is passionate about providing thorough credit education. From debunking misleading and unverifiable claims to educating on consumer rights, Robert’s financial expertise has helped many financially-challenged clients to restore their credit and purchase homes, cars, loans, and establish small businesses

In 2016, five years after his start in the credit repair industry, Robert founded Priority Credit Restoration and Priority Tradelines LLC. The company now serves clients all over the United States

Understanding that credit restoration is essential for rebuilding a credit profile, Robert works diligently to share his knowledge with his expanding clientele and business relationships. In 2017, he established relationships with lenders to serve clients through major banks. Since then, Robert has increased his credit tradeline providers by 300% and looks forward to expanding with future partnerships.

Robert is more than a knowledgeable financial advisor. He’s a man who believes in education, community and serving his country.

Robert enrolled in college on a track and field scholarship. Between 2004 and 2013, he has earned several higher education degrees and sports awards. As an All-American college track and field athlete, he collected several awards including two national team titles for indoor and outdoor events. After completing his AA from Barton County College, he went on to earn a BA in speech communications and a Master of Social Work from the University of Texas-Arlington. Robert also holds an AAS in restaurant and hotel management from Community College of the Air Force.